Our Partnerships

Are you a specialty trade? Contact us NOW to learn more about our one year contract designed to provide your business with an increased number of projects that are extremely profitable! We handle the ENTIRE bidding process. (Limited number of applicants accepted).

As part of our commitment to providing you with the support, expertise, and tools you need to achieve high-impact success, we’re proud to partner with some of the top professionals, businesses, and organizations across a wide variety of industries.

Interested in collaborating with Innovative Growth Partners? Get in touch with us here to discuss a potential partnership.

Knt Plumbing

Knt Plumbing was founded by experienced plumbers and business professionals who recognized the need in Colorado for quality plumbing services at an affordable price. With over 3o years combined experience within the residential, commercial, industrial and medical gas plumbing fields, KnT Founders have successfully developed a company designed to reduce overhead while offering services unsurpassed within the industry. KnT Plumbing is a WOSB,  SDVOSB, and qualifies as an SBE.

Modern Day Woman

Modern Day Woman LLC is an online professional resources platform providing woman with Virtual, Flexible, Work-From-Home opportunities allowing them to contribute to their household finances, remain independent and professionally stimulated as well as reduce global imprint and impact our larger economy.

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