Our Services

“Ready to take your funding and growth to the next level? We can help with that. We have an 87% success rate for Government Contracts and 83% success rate for Grant Proposal to Fund Acquisition.”

Our suite of services

We offer a wide and diverse range of services all designed to increase your chances of success. Our proven and successful methods are among the most comprehensive you’ll find in the industry.

We’re expert campaign managers who strategically build out a winning blueprint customized to your specific needs, goals, circumstances, and market positioning.

In everything we do, our goal is to increase your organization’s efficiency and positioning, allowing you to stand out and win the attention of potential funders or investors.

Grants & Contracts

Increase your funding to further your mission. Grants and contracts are a powerful way to grow your business or organization and expand upon the programs and services that you offer.

Our supportive team of experts and professionals will be at your side every step of the way during your grant-seeking initiatives.

We offer:

  • capture planning strategy
  • sourcing/grant research
  • grant development, writing and submission
  • preparation of responses to Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Response for Applications (RFA), Request for Information (RFI), Request for Quote or Notice for Funding Availability
  • proposal rewrites
  • comprehensive sustainability plan development
  • prospective donor follow-up
  • proposal proofreading and editing
  • pre-proposal planning
  • press release development
  • campaign or project-appeal letter development
  • white paper development
  • onsite business consulting and staff assessment
  • ongoing grant management

Business Development & Strategy

Having a a weak business model will easily disqualify your business or organization for funding and will detract potential investors.

Having both partnered with and served at the top levels of businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies across the country, and with a combined total of 27 years in the industry and private market intel, we know what it takes to help businesses and organizations reach their full potential.

As part of our bench-marking process, we’ll identify how you measure up against your competitors, and then we’ll work with you on developing top-level strategies to make you highly competitive.

We offer:

  • brand strategy (logo, marketing tools, 10 most critical business communication pieces, business web design)
  • business plan development (business design and approach, business goals, marketing strategies, 1-3 year projections, scaling strategies)
  • competitive analysis
  • identify seed funding, venture capital, private equity opportunities thru private market intel
  • forge strategic business partnerships
  • entering into existing or new market strategies
  • state filing
  • bylaws and articles of incorporation filing
  • EIN obtainment
  • mission statement development
  • business contract development/review/edit
  • copyright and trademark registration

Consulting & Training

Need expert support on your business endeavors?

Our business strategists are available to provide their expertise and guidance as you navigate the world of grants and contracts.

One of the biggest reasons grant proposals are turned down is simply because applicants didn’t follow funder guidelines. Similarly, 89% of all federal contract applications are rejected for nothing more than technical reasons.

In our professional training sessions, we’ll equip you with all the knowledge and tools you need to succeed with grants, contracts, and more.

We offer:

  • group seminars
  • group webinars
  • private one-on-one webinars

Our process

Our process varies based on the services requested.

However, the first step in all our client relationships begins with a free, no-obligations consultation.

During this call, we’ll discuss the goals and needs of your business or organization, provide valuable insights as to the opportunities available to you, and discuss ways that we can help you grow.

Our proven holistic approach gets results

And our methods have been trusted by some of the top organizations in the world.

Our past clients include:

Let this be the year that your business or organization experiences serious growth.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my organization consider applying for grants/contracts?

Grants are ‘free money’ that, unlike loans, don’t accrue interest and don’t need to be paid back. Organizations can use grants for a variety of purposes: to provide educational opportunities, to improve or expand facilities, to create and support social programs and services, to fund research or community development, and more. If you’re interested in increasing the impact your organization has in the world, grants can provide the capital you need to expand in any number of ways. Contracts, meanwhile, can connect your products and/or services with a wealth of federal agencies, helping your business grow exponentially.


Are there grants/contracts available for my specific industry?

There are over 16.5 million grants available to organizations in the U.S. These grants have a cumulative dollar value of over $600 billion. This amount doesn’t include the hundreds of billions of dollars also available each year in the form of government contracts. These financial opportunities are available across a wide variety of industries, and chances are extremely high that there are grants/contracts available in yours.


What type of grants/contracts do you specialize in?

We have expertise with federal, state, foundation, and corporate grants as well as with federal, state, and local government contracts. We’ve written thousands of grants/contracts for a wide variety of organizations across many industries.


I’m trying to start a business. Can you help with that?

Absolutely! We offer extensive business development and strategy services which guide you every step of the way as you launch your new venture. We do everything from business plan development and marketing strategizing to state filing and copyright/trademark registration.


Do you provide other services beyond grant writing?

We offer a wide and diverse range of services all designed to increase your business or organization’s chances of success. Thanks to our innovative, holistic approach to helping businesses and organizations achieve high-impact growth, our proven and successful methods are among the most comprehensive you’ll find in the industry. From business development and strategic planning to website design and branding to grant research, writing, submission, and more—we do it all!

Let’s increase your funding to further your mission.
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